Hickstead: Remembering a Legend

Hickstead… Truly one in a million.

For today’s Throwback Thursday we wanted to take a moment to remember one of show jumping’s greatest horses, Hickstead. Standing 16h tall, he captured the world’s attention with his courageous heart and mind blowing athleticism and proved that the body really can achieve what the mind believes. We’d like to give a warm shout out to all of those that owned, rode, and cared for Hickstead; he will forever be in our memory and heart.

“We honor our horses for their brave hearts, courage, and willingness to give. Indeed, horses have the hearts of warriors and often carry us into and out of fields of personal battles. Those who know them understand how fully a horse can hold a human heart.” – Lauren Davis Baker

Here’s a beautiful painting, by David McEwen, that we found online of Eric Lamaze embracing Hickstead after a victorious win. RIP Hickstead <3

– EverythingEq



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